This photo is of Jay Cyr’s car. I shot these photos over summer at Lock City. The best venue for anyone drifting in New England. Mike Lynch knows how to run events and every event has been a blast. Very laid back, it reminds me more of a skatepark session than anything else.

It has been awesome having a friend to drive with, Shane and I go way back. We skated prior to getting into cars and its very motivating having the “push eachother” mentality.

This is Kyle, Dereks little brother. Awesome seeing him shred a luxury vehicle while being low as he is.

Really like this Porsche that goes to Drift Spot, simple wheels and clean paint

We have a couple of notable trips planned for 2014, I really need to get down to business on my new shell.

Been a long time since these 3 have roamed the streets simultaneously. 2013 4 years 3 cars some ridiculous fun


Just got back from a 3 week stay in Japan, met some awesome people, got to see some old friends, skated new places, cool cars. Came back to the states and this place pales in comparison. Started editing some photos I’ll try and post them up sooner rather than later but heres a raw clip Ian filmed at Lime Rock before we left.

Bought some stuff, painted some stuff, made a wooden splitter and a bash bar to help keep my bumper intact, hope the design doesn’t suck and do the opposite