Ordered a few things, worked on a few things

I got my wheel Monday and installed it that night. Today I worked on getting rid of Hicas and removed everything that it came with, what a pain in the ass.

It looks huge but it is only a tiny bit bigger than the stock wheel


After, no dash

Dash 😀

Fuck you HICAS

Need to get the other tie rod off, we gave up that shit sucks.

ABS sucked so I swapped over to non ABS and got rid of the massive ABS block.

Currently doing an endo

Ordered my Fel-Pro head gasket kit:

My Kazama HICAS delete bar:

Now I need to order a flywheel, clutch, get a clutch hardline, and wait till Evan pulls the motor so I can go and pick it up.

Trying to get it done before May 30th because that marks 1 year with this POS, doubt it will happen… fuck


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