Seeing All These Scooterists

Puts a huge grin on my face. Spent all day sleeping basically, not sure if it was a mixture of jet lag or just flat out being tired but I crashed hard. Woke up today, cut open a fresh coconut to drink chilled around the house until night time when we went out for New Years. Shit was crazy so many people, felt like Times Square just with a bunch of Asian people who kinda just push and shove without saying anything.

I thought I was done with planes for awhile but I guess were flying out to Hue. Gonna see my niece and nephew that I haven’t seen in a couple years. Should be fun.

I can’t shoot digi for shit, I filmed a bunch but I’m about to crash again so here are the pics:

Bought these plants for the hell of it, lol it was fun riding back with it on my lap.

Street vending, a lot of that happens here. It’s cool not seeing stores and just people chilling out

Pops bought these for the house

Driving out to board the plane in t-minus 3 hours. FML



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