Went down to Dave’s ( today with Chen and Jon. I picked up my frame and Chen got his seat post rewelded on his pre-unit. It’s been 6 months and it was sooooo worth the wait.

Here’s Dave making sure everything is straight with the brake stay


Welding up Chen’s frame.

We fit 2 frames, set of forks and rear wheel in the trunk, engine in the back seat.

Waited out the rain

Little burnout

Bicycle levers that almost work

Need to make a few more things and it’ll be ready to ride in a few days.

Big thanks to Chen and Jon for lending a huge hand. Made things go a lot smoother.



  1. Looks fuckin’ sweet man! How much stretch on the hard tail? It doesn’t look like much. Can’t wait to get mine going.

  2. Thanks dude! I only got a 2 inch stretch because I thought 4 would be too long for such a little bike. Let me know how your build goes, would love to see the progress

  3. I love that it is not too long. 4-6 inches is just too much on these little bikes in my opinion. Are you sticking with the forward controls or going with mids? I’m not hard tailing mine but would love to figure out some mids for it. I’ll get a build blog up one of these days.

  4. I agree, sticking with the forwards for now because of the simplicity and it feels really nice how the stance currently is. I was thinking up some mids, maybe its possible to mount the pegs where the bottom motor mount bolt is at.

    If I come up with anything neat I’ll let you know and bounce of some ideas, when you do get a blog up shoot me a link!

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