Spent Saturday riding and eating.

Rode into Boston with Jason for some dim sum

Spotted this S14 on the way in

Met up with Kquan on the way

Met up with Chen, and others

Filled up and ready to go riding

Philip looking for a dropped bolt

Met up with Philip and Hao in Lowell, en route NH

After some nice backroads

5 Guys Burger and Fries

Overall some good times and some killer turns. Good day



  1. The picture of you guys in the restaurant: the girls from left to right are Qin, Ti, Tu?? Maybe I’m mistaken.

    I never would have expected you to know Philip (Philip Le, right?)

    1. haha I’m Isidro. I’ve never met any of you in person but I hope to (even though I’m not cool enough). I’ve been reading this blog because Kevin used to be into drifting and he joined a forum I sometimes lurk. Now its all bike stuff, and I like it so I keep reading the blog. Those girls (Qin and Tu) are my friends from high school, and Philip is a friend from college now and was introduced to me by Qin and Tu this past summer even though I’ve seen him in school tons of times before that.

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