Playing musical tanks.



  1. Nice, I like it. You leaving it raw or are you gonna paint it? Where’s the riding vids man? What happened to the crazy standing-on-the-seat crazy sumbitch? Is your damn hand better yet?!?!

  2. Probably will swap out tanks. Everything is gonna be repainted once I get all the parts and weld my fender on.

    I haven’t ridden much, bike was never registered and my permit expired. Got pulled over recently now just trying to lay low and get this bike done before July.

  3. “pulled a steinkrunk” That had me chuckling for a while. Some of the things I do…..dumb.

    KPHAN!!! WTH!?! You let your permit expire?? Next time you take your permit test get the damn license with your bro’s bike. The license test is soooooo easy and its something that lasts forever, no having to take a stupid written test every 6 months.

  4. When are you coming back from China and how is it over there? I see you have been traveling a ton. I sold that bike off to my friend, hopefully he finishes it.

    I hope you get back on a bike sometime soon.

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